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Community Health Coordinator
Job description
Shared Harvest | myCovidMD™️ is the public health initiative of Shared Harvest Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. We are a high growth, mission-oriented company demanding systemic change and elevating the culture of volunteering. We provide pandemic health resources, volunteer management, and capacity-building assets for nonprofits and businesses.
Our digital solution provides a public telehealth platform while connecting skills-based volunteers with opportunities to serve in exchange for credits towards reducing their student loan debt. This unique program addresses gaps in financial wellbeing and health equity, helping under-resourced communities access vital health services during the pandemic and beyond.
We’re looking for amazing people who care about social impact to join our team of skilled and compassionate changemakers who share our vision. Learn more about what we do and our core values by visiting and
If you are a highly motivated, creative problem-solver, extremely detail-oriented person, and have clinical, outreach, and recruitment experience, read on to learn more about our open positions.
The Community Health Coordinator supports our vaccine clinic with any of the following clinic positions - registration, screening, flow coordination, mobility support, navigation, greeting, check out, or nonclinical observation.
What You Will Do
Perform a variety of general clerical duties to support the vaccination program.
  • Compose, type, and transcribe correspondence, forms, reports, and other written communications as required. Route written communications as appropriate.
  • Communicate with others in person, by telephone, and/or email. May receive and screen visitors and handle general inquiries.
  • Establish and maintain filing systems.
  • Order and stock vaccination supplies.
  • May enter information from a variety of sources into the computer database(s) and verify data entered into the computer by checking printouts/reports for errors and correcting as required.
Coordinators responsibilities should include:
  • Ordering and Receiving Vaccines:
  • Perform a physical inventory of all vaccines in stock
  • Ordering vaccines
  • Overseeing proper receipt and storage of vaccine deliveries
  • Immediately processing and documenting vaccine inventory information
  • Ensure that acceptable temperature ranges have been maintained
Storage and Organizing Vaccines:
  • Organizing vaccines within storage units
  • Setting up temperature monitoring devices
  • Rotating stock at least weekly so vaccines with the earliest expiration dates are used first
  • Removing expired vaccines from storage units
  • Responding to temperature excursions (out-of-range temperatures)
  • Maintaining all documentation, such as inventory and temperature logs
  • Organizing vaccine-related training and ensuring staff completion of training
  • Monitoring operation of vaccine storage equipment and systems
  • Overseeing proper vaccine transport (when necessary) per standard operating procedures (SOPs)
  • Overseeing emergency preparations per SOPs:
  • Tracking inclement weather conditions
  • Ensuring appropriate handling of vaccines during a disaster or power outage
Monitoring Vaccine Temperatures:
Using a Regular Digital Thermometer:
  • Use a calibrated thermometer with a current certificate to review refrigerator and freezer temperatures
  • Record refrigerator and freezer temperatures on a temperature log twice a day
  • Take immediate action if temperatures are outside acceptable ranges, notify the VFC program
  • Implement the vaccine emergency plan, if necessary
  • Oversee proper vaccine transport (for example, during an emergency)
  • Review vaccine temperature logs weekly if duty is shared among staff
  • Ensure that temperature logs and any temperature excursion documentation are retained for three years
Using a Digital Data Logger
  • All of the above in addition to:
  • Review and record storage unit minimum/maximum temperature readings once per workday, preferably in the morning
  • Download and review stored temperature monitoring data at least weekly
Training and Record-Keeping:
  • Ensures all staff are trained on routine and emergency vaccine management procedures
  • Maintain staff training records
  • Reviews and updates the Vaccine Management Plan as needed
Coordinator responsibilities may be completed by the coordinator or delegated to appropriate staff. Ensure the coordinator has trained the delegate(s) and documented competency for the specific task(s) assigned.
Requirements: Clinical or public health background preferred.
Location: This is an onsite and partial remote position.
Rate: Salary competitive based on experience and commitment.
Job Types: Full-time, Contract
Salary: Competitive